December 8, 2009
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No matter how long the day seams
it's night that's twice as long
night is when the demons come out
when you have nothing to do but think
night is when your thoughts attack you
you have no defense
you have nothing to do but wait until morning
and even in the morning you know that you are going to have to go through it all again the next night

It's a cycle
a cycle that you have no choice but to go through
eventually after what feels like forever you’ll pass out
but when you pass out you have no choice but to go through nightmares

Nightmares that make you scream and cry in your sleep
if you thought the nightmares you had when you were a kid were bad
you have no idea what you'll go through now
nightmares of men with no faces
men with long fingers that reach and reach
fingers that you think can't get any longer, but some how do
men that no matter how loud you yell wont leave you alone
and this isn't even the worst of the nightmares

You wanna know the worst one?
The worst one is the one where He;
yes He
kills you
it starts with a normal school day
but then when your in 6th period you have a code red
your math class quicly gets into the corner of the room
after baracading the doors of course
but then your cell phone rings
and its Him
you answer and say "you know you cant be calling me"
and He says "there are lots of things i cant do. One of them is stand out side of your class with a gun."
This is when your blood runs cold
your face turns white
and you know that hes outside the door

this is when door falls in to the class like it was never even attached to the wall
this is when He walks into the room
this is when you stare down the barrel of a gun
this is when you hear a bang then feel nothing
this is when you wake up and cling to your pillow while attempting to breath
this is when you decide to never sleep again
but it's night and you will
trust me you will

there was no way to survive it

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