The Complicated Wish

December 8, 2009
By Anonymous

So it’s time to blow out my candles
and my wish, it is now time to make.
Though I thought I knew I wanted
maybe I’m making a mistake?
Gosh, if I could just have few more wishes
I would not have such uncertainty
And I’m sure, with a few more wishes
I would probably, most likely,
Wish for things like beauty and smarts
And long, straight, flowing hair.
And unlimited funds would be a nice touch
To add to my wardrobe which seems so bare.
I’d also wish for things like love and justice
And for important things like world peace
And that all the poverty, pollution and violence
Would end, that it just would cease.
And now I feel sufficiently awkward
I hear “Make the wish some time today!”
So I shut my eyes and I took a breathe
Making a wish that out loud I’ll never say.

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