No More Miss Nice Girl

December 8, 2009
That’s it! I’m done! No more Miss Nice Girl! I’m just so sick of this! I’m sick of being heartbroken! I’m sick of the lies! I’m sick of the false hope that you and I would EVER be together! I’m sick of chasing after someone who just DOESN’T CARE!!

You’ve left me with nothing…Nada…Zip… Just an empty hole where my heart should be. Guess who’s fault it is. Go on. Guess! If you don’t know, then you’ve got serious issues. Just think about it! Well…I guess I’ve got no choice. Something’s gotta change. And since you’re not going to be the one to do it, I guess I have to be the one that’s got to make the adjustment. So the choice I’ve made is this: I’m going to start doing what I should’ve done from the beginning. I just have to do what the boys do: Reel ‘em in, and throw ‘em back.

Hey! You wanna hear something funny? No matter how many times I break someone’s heart, I continue to feel what you feel: Nothing. It doesn’t hurt me at all to crush that person to pieces. Now just GUESS who’s phone keeps ringing? Mine! Because I learned from the best how to play the freaking game!

Thanks for everything. You really are an amazing teacher…Just keep that in mind.

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panico said...
Feb. 5, 2010 at 7:45 am
OUOOOOOOOO! Well done, Im with you, No more nice person, no more victim...UP!
Love_Me_Not replied...
Feb. 6, 2010 at 12:03 pm
Glad you liked it.
Came from experiance and that sad, but I get most of my stuff from experiance so, you get the idea
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