True Love

December 8, 2009
I love you, (And it’s killing me). This sucks! Sometimes I wish I didn’t…Sometimes I regret the very day I met you…But mostly, I just can’t stop hating myself for loving you! I can’t sleep…I can’t eat…I can’t even think without the thought of you interrupting everything! It’s bringing me nothing but heartache, pain, and suffering. I can’t even stand it!

You don’t even know me anymore…I mean, you just assume I’m fine and your apologies will fix everything. Ha! You are so very wrong! I don’t think it will take much more to tip me over the edge. Soon enough, I’ll just break down crying and lose control of everything!

God knows how much easier it should be!

Puppy love isn’t this hard…It’s completely different than what I feel for you…True love. It takes time to heal a broken heart…As a matter of fact, sometimes it never heals at all.

It should be so much easier than this…I mean, shouldn’t it? Or maybe, it’s supposed to sting like this. This is hopeless…I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that, even in the end, you’ll be with her and I’ll be nothing but a memory. A very envious memory left in the back of your mind.

I wish you would see past my bubble. My mask seems to hide everything! I’m crazy about you and have been since I met you. You must be blind because you’ve never seemed to notice it.

This sucks and I can’t control it.

…But, for some reason, I still wish you were here beside me, with your hand on my shoulder, comforting me. You know…Making this pain just leave! That is so stupid!

…Cupid needs to find a new victim to hit in the heart with his freaking arrow!

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