The End

December 8, 2009
By JacktheJoker BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
JacktheJoker BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Went the train, as it zoomed by the station
As the plane flew right over
And the boat sailed by
And a car drove next to it
I, standing in the middle of all, am overcrowded by noise
With the honks and the zooms and the whooshes and the
Smoke and exhaust,
And the water with the mud

And the air against water as fire against ice
When the coo of the dove came ‘cross the entire world;
Signal and warning;
Pity and awe;

The silence of a monk
Against the silence of a snail
Alas, the silence is but solemn, yet, noisy as the city

My hope towards the noise and the noise towards me;
And the core of the earth tremors of its fear,
The shakiness around me makes me feel calm yet intrigued
To know,
From the pity to the awe, the signal with the warning,
As the dove falls
It hits the ground and clears the ground of its immaculacy
The snail speaks and the monk scurries
As the end of the world trembles in front of my own eyes
The whooshes of smoke and splashes of the opaque mud
The dove, the monk, the tremor
It sinks and fades and then disappears
Including myself

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