Dirty Knees

December 8, 2009
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When I’m fourteen, I’ll wash the dirt off my knees.
When I’m fifteen, I’ll publish my first book.
When I’m sixteen, I’ll celebrate with my friends about leaving high school.
When I’m seventeen, I’ll pull a face at myself in the mirror and laugh.
When I’m eighteen, I’ll travel around Australia in a van with my friends.
When I’m nineteen, I’ll get back in touch with my high school pals and tell them how much I’ve missed them.
When I’m twenty, I’ll start planning my twenty-first.
When I’m twenty-one, I’ll blow my party plans and go to the movies with a few of my closest friends.
When I’m twenty-two, I’ll travel around the world again with my family.
When I’m twenty-three, I’ll have the twenty-first party I never had.
When I’m twenty-four, I’ll complain about how I’ll be getting grey hairs because I’m getting so old!
When I’m twenty-five, I’ll be well on my way to being and old and crusty… and proud of it.

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