Recruited By Death

December 8, 2009
You’re running through the night
Not long till light
You know they are following you
You know the rumors have to be true
After years they’re finally catching up with you
Now they are closer than ever
They are here to destroy you forever
You see them out of the corner of your eye
You know they think you should die
No longer can you run
No longer can you hide
Without eyes they search for you
There’s nothing else you can do
Without mouths they call your name
You know your life will never be the same
You can see ones lifeless pale face
Them needing breath no longer the case
With rotting hands they search for you
So they may pull you in once again
But this time no escape
This is the end with no debate
Their bodies clang and rattle as they walk
You can see them sightlessly stalk
They have spoken and you have lost
Now you have to pay cost

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