The One

December 8, 2009
Have you ever wondered why we have two legs, two hands, and two ears but only one heart? Well I have. But along the road on which I travel, this road called ‘Life’, I found the answer right under my nose.

We have two legs to walk…We have two hands to hold…We have two ears to listen. But why only one heart? I believe we’ve only got one heart because the other is hidden out there for use to find. The holder of this heart will be ‘The One’.

You never know exactly when you’ll find that person…But they’re out there…It could take a few days…Or sometimes it could take years. Either way, you’ll find them…Eventually.

And when you do find that person, you’ll know. Soon enough, you hearts will merge together and you will no longer be two separate hearts, but two hearts beating as one.

And that, my friend, is why we’ve got only one heart.

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