December 8, 2009
By prestonw BRONZE, Lexington, North Carolina
prestonw BRONZE, Lexington, North Carolina
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For So long despair followed you like a shadow.
Insanity perched on your shoulder, like a vulture waiting on is prey to breathe its' last.
Pain and anguish blurred out reality, making life a nightmare, forced to be relived every day. Your numbers dwindled day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, heartbeat to every heartbeat.
A feeling of perpetual solitude is set in your soul, like a name on a tomb stone.
Death, although inevitable, you welcome the idea.
Through Closing your eyes, you are set free. Free from hate. Free from blackness. Free from a world that you had but no choice to live in.

Every step takes you closer to your fiery grave.
A feeling of not fear, but anticipation surges through you. Anticipation for a better place. Anticipation for a peace that had made itself distant.

Four Steps left.
Remembering every loved one that you will be reunited with. Every smiling face that you have missed for so long.

Three steps left.
A smile breaks across your face. The thought of rest feels you with joy. Staring death in the face, you laugh.

Two steps left.
You say a prayer of forgiveness. Confessing all your sins while you have the time.

One step left.
A single tear streaks down you face. A tear of happiness. This is it.

Standing at the edge, you say goodbye. You fall. Fall into the arms of Morpheus. Your eternal resting place.

Now Sleep.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote for a Genocide project at school. It is written in the memory of the millions that died in the Concentration camps.

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