Dearly Hated Friend

December 8, 2009
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Hi, I’m that friend you never
wanted, like an annoying itch
or that one hair
that sticks up on your head.

I’m many people’s worst new friend
the boy next door we’re friends
to, he introduced me to mom and
to dad, to his teacher and all
his friends at school.

Hundreds, thousands of them
are my friend’s now so I move on to
the next making new friends everyday
I make some hot so many rush to get rid of
me I don’t know why
I’m just trying to get to know
them better.

If they see I’m wit you,
you can’t go to school, you shouldn’t
go to work and they might quarantine
your plane, sorry for
the hassle.

Some call me H1, most add an N1
often referred to as swine others
add the flu, but between me
and you I’m just your most
dearly hated friend.

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