Everything and Anything With A Heart I Guess

December 8, 2009
By Kenny! BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
Kenny! BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:

The sweetness touches my lips
It tingles down my thought
Awakening and relaxing in a tropical place
The hot hot sun feels down my spine

I go back for another as I get lost in life
I close my eyes slowly as I fly away
Slowly slowly grow another

Dracula is pimpin also
But not as much as I enjoi to enjoi
As I breath out I feel the taste among my senses
Take it and make it red

Bring it out as a bull
Feel the free and love of this tropic place
The clouds begin to smile as I do back
They see the twinkle and sun in my eyes as they cheer
I wish I was a looking glass tie

The fufu men gather from the trees as they swing their hands
To the beat of old classics

The sun falls as of a done old star in the sky
It moves quickly as I walk back
I kick and I push I kick and I push
The rebel life is the way to go

The barns of barns is just a barn
Where I stay with all that I know
We live a simple life that many don’t understand
We tap we kick it we got it four feet tall we wing it
We swing it we sit on the couch and laugh it

As the sun comes back it was just like a diesel train
We hit it off once again for a hell of a day
Blasted on the couch for feeling to gain back
We just jump with no place to go
Happens to be in all of us
Who knew how that be so

We just are friends as we friendly each other
Sitting among the barns
I take one last look at the sky
I glanced down I don’t believe what I see
A friend in need
Is the sweetest one to be

How do I know
That you opened my door
The deep feeling as I still sip
The treats and giggles
One of just many

I keep to myself and not share with others
Cary on my way to somewhere I belong
To the waves of once I started
The smell of wind is tastefully within my hair

I close my eyes
Slowly slowly
I breath in one last time
Loosen my face

Red as a bull
As I bull my red

The end my barn
Comes close to time
As the sand between my eyes fall
I give in and score


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