The untitled dream

December 8, 2009
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Administer of pain
Oh how much nostalgia did you spread today?

I was riding on my magic carpet tied
He is my guide
I think you’ll find me kind
Because I helped the sweet boy not to die

Don’t judge me I’m drawing your beam
Telling you what animal on which rainbow you’re allow to see
Stealing your fire and sending it at your enemies
Having a diabolical worm eating your gleam.

I can be all of your nightmares
Since the day that you embrace me
I got you on this exquisite race
In my land it will lead you
There stand the unbelievable beauties
I keep them warm there so secretly
Follow the heart ace
But don’t ever touch what’s in my garden-city
Oh no ! I’ve told you too much, you’ve seen so many
Now I should probably proceed Like the protocol told me
I’ll suck your soul out to you

Prematurely swallowing it
I give birth to a new beast
Construct his brain and connect it
Record his thoughts with a video cassette
With my sewing machine making him a grey jacket

Administer of pain
I saw you wounding the sun
Aren’t you ashamed of what you’ve done ?

Just because today the sky wasn’t blue
All these magic spells you can not undo
Don’t be angry I already know
I worth nothing for you
I’m like a little dwarf with one eye
Who has dreams that are too high
To reach and I ask my self why
But at least I’m a dwarf that goes on
Singing songs in Dawnland.

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