Song to the Phantoms

December 8, 2009
By Salem.K.P BRONZE, Cosmogonia, Idaho
Salem.K.P BRONZE, Cosmogonia, Idaho
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In this world, the Isle of Dreams,
While we sit by sorrow's streams,
Tears and terrors are our themes,

But when once from hence we fly,
More and more approaching nigh
Unto young eternity,

In that whiter Island, where
Things are evermore sincere:
Candour here, and lustre there,

There no monstrous fancies shall
Out of hell an horror call,
To create, or cause at all

There, in calm and cooling sleep,
We our eyes shall never steep,
But eternal watch shall keep,

Pleasures such as shall pursue
Me immortalized, and you;
And fresh joys, as never too
Have ending.

Robert Herrick

Burning twilight tainted of purple clouds
From which is bursting the soft howl
Of this strange panicking paradise

you are a small bunny baby who’s chest is wide open and his heart is cold
Living , well surviving in a wooden bungalow next to a circus
Protecting your cowboy brother, doesn’t mean you’re the father
Walking bare chest with your long sparkling hair, Golden guy your soul like a windmill
Run away to find back the shack in the wood
Four head monster sleeping in a magic cave you will be burry in the mud
Cannibal daughter. Pain is a her river.

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