Traveling Soldier

December 8, 2009
By Nicole Ferguson BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Nicole Ferguson BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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The night is here,
He’s coming back to me;
My traveling solider
The one who held my body
Close to his, the one who
Has my spirit,
He’s coming back to me.

There in the distance
Is my wild courageous solider,
The one who had seen my spirit
Dance before him, the
one who is unseen for the moment,
There in the distance, he walks to me.

By the mail box, I see him,
Walking through the snowflakes,
Inch by inch to take me in his arms,
Why does it feel like he’s still miles away?

The house is black when he walks in,
I’m in my room
Looking out at the white
Snow falling.
I hear his voice,
I run out my door
And into my winter angel.

In the shadows
Behind him, I see my mother.
Does she see the shade
My face has turned?

My soul is mixed with
His once again! Like
In the fall when the leaf falls,
But soon grows on the same tree.

Now that my glaciers are
Still; the ages of waiting
Are done, we can spend forever together.
The town can wait, cause for now
I will cuddle to him with my warmth and sleep.

He smells of Honeysuckle,
And his breath is calm,
And sweet.
I’m his girl again,
But how long before
Our lips have to part?

I can feel he’s near,
My leaf, attached once again
My eyes are opened
I feel his sweet tender kiss.
But dare I unfold my arms,
Only to lose him again?

Our love has no end
When our spirits come together.

All my energy
Is put into the truth
Of my voice and words
When I tell him
“I love you.”

Our own little hut
Called my room is
Where we sleep! In the
Morning I’ll fix his bowl of
Cereal and pull on his Army shirt
Sleeves, begging
Him not to go.
Now come the tears
As he kisses me a
Sweet, but lonely

The author's comments:
This is a true poem, my friends say thats what makes it so emotional. I hope who ever reads this will love it.

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