Horse Power

December 8, 2009
By SchultzA BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
SchultzA BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
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The tires grip the pavement
Hot rubber turns over with ease
The rpm’s shoot through the roof
Black tires squeal
The front tires lift of the ground
Into the air like a flightless bird
Come crashing down meeting asphalt
The glorious sight brings smiles
Gas explodes
Pistons slam
Crankshafts spin
Torque converted
Transfer case gears grind
The rear driveshaft spins
And off it goes
Artwork in motion is what it is
Everything working together
Happening faster than known
All to make it go
Flying down the track
Avoiding disaster and death
By a fraction of a inch
In eleven seconds it’s all over
The art work is done for now
To bee seen another day
By unsuspecting eyes
Bringing joy to the heart
And tears to the eye

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an English assignment. It's about my passion.

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