December 8, 2009
By Anonymous

One day
I was walking down the sidewalk.

I looked down at my feet...
There was nothing underneath my feet

Nothing to keep me up...
To hold me up right
On what?
The earth?
Heavens no!
There simply was nothing beneath my feet.

I stopped walking at the sight
And as soon as I did...
I dove into the unknown

Falling down and screaming all the way
“What is happening?!” I kept thinking.
“Maybe nothing at all.”

It was then, I relaxed
To the fact I was falling.
“Into what, was I falling?”
Certainly not the earth.

Everything was blurred from vision
Color a mess
And I thought, “No way this is earth.”

Falling into nothingness...
Falling out of sight
If I can’t get out now...
I never might

The panic returned and I reached out and screamed,
“What will happen to me if I never leave!?”

“Where am I!”
Certainly not earth
From a birds eye view
You would have been scared too
Left only with yourself to imagine what might come next
Left with the feeling that no one is in control

“But how could nobody be in control?”
“Someone would have to be in control.”
I looked around to see no one in sight
Just me falling into nothingness
Left to be
By myself, I was falling
I wished I was back on the place I call home.

A planet unscathed by the unknown forces.
One such as this.
A place to call home indeed.
Remembering my family,
And Wife.
I couldn’t watch the world anymore
But rather just left to imagine
Imagine a world that I once lived in
A world that I may never return to again
For I was falling

“Into what?”
Back to imagining my home
And then...

I was back on my feet
Firmly planted to the ground
A feeling so missed for what seemed like ages
But all around me the world was the same
The trees in the front yards of houses with their white picket fences
Somehow I knew that I was in control

I started to walk again...
Never looking down.

The author's comments:
It's for creative writing.

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