slipped away

December 8, 2009
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have you ever heard of,a man so amzing.that you just cant help but to love him.or a man so unbeliveable that in ahundred years or so,people might belive that hes to good to be true,and that he never even existed.this man that is so amazing,has captured our hearts for over 40 years.but he was recently just tooken away from us,leavign us with 40 years of great memories.if you ever stop to really think about what this man has done for the world,and how much he has changed our lives.only then could you relize why i am so much inlove with him.some people can say that they love him,but i can say that im inlove with him.and it is not celebrity love it is true love,from my heart.i care not for the fame,the money or the looks,i care for whats inside.and inside of this mann lies the heart of a saint.i try not to hear the words of rude jelouse people."he is this,he is that"you know nothing about him.millions of people all over the world idolize this man,but to me he is much more then an idol,so much more words cannot expain.i cry and i laugh at the memories of his life.and sometimes i look up at the stars and talk to him as if he is right next to me.out of those millions of people and me.i can truely say that his death shattered all of our hearts.i sit and wonder how the king of pop slipped away from us so fast.R.I.P MICHEAL!I LOVE YOU!

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