December 8, 2009
By LiFiK GOLD, Houston, Texas
LiFiK GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
We Learn More From Failure Than We Do Success;
Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom

Its a cold world baby girl, i wouldn’t argue with ya
I grew up a man with no father figure,
Was a long journey but still we made it
Third Sunday of June was never celebrated
For what reason? He didn’t seem to needs!
20/20 vision but he didn’t seem to see us!
Now when I waltz by and I see a scene of seniors
I often question them like "Did you breed your fetus?"
"Or did you let 'em go? Were you there to see them grow?"
"How do you even know? HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW!?"
"Of their whereabouts or are they doing well now?"
"No you felt imprisoned so you Bailed out"
That’s the reason huh? If not then what?
And you had the nerve to leave in December?
Momma told me not to wonder this year
Things'll be cool once summer gets here

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