Would You Forgive Me Then? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

December 8, 2009
I'm sorry I broke your favorite toy
I didn't mean to throw it
When you tossed it and it glided so beautifully
To break, I didn't know it
Even though you are angry
And you kicked me in my shin,
If I did your chores for a month,
Would you forgive me then?

I'm sorry I missed that test
And got a C on my report card
It wasn't that I didn't understand
I guess it was just a little hard
Even though you asked me to study
Over and over again
If I tried to do better in school,
Would you forgive me then?

I'm sorry I ate your cookie
It was just sitting on a plate
Even though it was for after dinner
I just couldn't seem to wait
Even though you said you'd make more
And I offered to pitch in,
If I didn't lie to you anymore,
Would you forgive me then?

I'm sorry I forgot to take out the trash
And now our house smells really bad
It wasn't like I didn't hear you,
So do you have to get so mad?
Even though I took it out,
And put it in the bin,
If I promised to do the dishes for a week,
Would you forgive me then?

I'm sorry I ran away,
But the fighting was just too much
You didn't have to yell,
Cause all I needed was a crutch,
Even though I can't lean on you,
And I'm in dire need of a friend,
If I promised to stay here forever,
Would you forgive me then?

I'm sorry I messed up so many times,
And now I can't go back,
My heart's been ripped to pieces,
And I'm sure yours is fighting back,
Even though we were in love,
And said it again and again,
If I never forgot your name,
Would you forgive me then?

Thank you God in heaven,
For all the mercy and grace
Without it I am sure
That each day would be hard to face
Even though I know you do
Please free me from my sin,
I'll try my best to be like you,
So you won't have to forgive me again.

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