infinite slumber

December 8, 2009
By MrsTudor SILVER, Franklin, Indiana
MrsTudor SILVER, Franklin, Indiana
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I feel as if I am falling
falling through as endless sea
this sea is black
with tints of gray and coal
the tides pull me back and forth
enabling me to breath
water pours through my gasping lips
but I dont mind
the water rushing down my throat
cleanses all I said
erasing the words of my darkest dread
the wind pushes stronger tides my way
the rush over me
crashing against the rocks of insanity
pulling me into the black pit
dragging me into a lightless space
this was my wish
a wish to be erased from this world
so I may no longer
cause pain to all I come across
I am slipping away now
into an infinite slumber
and I don't fight the hands
of death that ever so tightly
have ahold of my feet
my eyes close for the last time
the flashes of faces are depleting noe
without strain
I think one last thought
as the water destroys my brain
and now I have hit the sand below
and everything is still
and I am
forever more

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