A Greater Meaning

December 11, 2009
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A Greater Meaning
A watershed.
The definition says,
“the land area from which water drains into a larger water system”
But, perhaps a greater meaning thrives among us.
If the larger body of water were to be diminished, much of the land would flood,
causing the loss of everyday staples to our very being.
Maybe that’s a symbol. Of teamwork, togetherness.
The importance of the smaller bodies of water,all emptying into one large.
Like in football.
As a team loses its quarterback, problems arise,
the whole team must suffer through the defeat, and pain.
Or, conceivably, like a family in the death of a treasured one.
It hurts.
Everyone is in disarray, wondering, why, how?
And maybe the largest symbolization,
Life itself.
In the beginning, we’d all like to believe we could do it all ourselves.
But, in the end, no matter who you are,
what kind of car you drive,
the clothes you wear,
or the amount of many you may have, we all need someone.
That someone keeps our rivers from flooding.
They will collect all the tears you may cry,
or share in the joy of any happiness you may muster up.
Lean on that someone. Love that someone
Because, sometime, when you’re feeling full,
they’ll be there for you to empty into.

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