Life Isent just a Board game.

December 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Does the world Not realize
The faded look in their friends eyes.
The tears swollen and fallen
The Number of minutes spent in shame
Life is not living itself it doesnt know the pain.
When you say that we must fight to stay alive.
What is our prize?
The earth becomes currupt
What if we just give up?
We have the same fate
We Live we Die we Create.
We create? our own suffering our own fame.
Life is not this silly game, the end of the game board is the end of the world. Your world.
Im not saying that we can't have s**ts a gigs,
But lets be for real.
Life is not playful foolery
Stop and look at the scenery.
Slow down look around
Discover the Beauty, Not just of the things you can see.

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