The Ultimate Dare

December 11, 2009
It starts out
With just three simple words
“I dare you”
Then your heart starts racing,
Palms begin to sweat,
Adrenaline rushes to every part of your body
You get so worked up,
So excited
That you don’t even care if you break the law.
You’d go to mars,
If it meant you got to feel this way,
To feel alive.
The others pick your poison,
Now you’re just the blind follower,
Just like a calf being lead to the slaughter.
You’re stuck with the awful deed.
But you still get excited,
The feeling is the greatest in the world,
The notion of ecstasy,
Of free will,
Makes you invincible.
And you can’t help but to smile
As they carry you away
With your hands bound and head spinning,
Lights flashing in the distance,
To a bleak and meaningless future.

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jesus.musik.freak said...
Sept. 15, 2010 at 11:13 am

Love, it! The feeling it conveys is so true.

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