From the Seat of a Valkyrie

December 11, 2009
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When the motor begins to sing and the tires gain speed beneath you, the world pauses. From the seat of a Valkyrie nothing else matters. Your mind can not function around any thoughts except you and the bike. Everything becomes clear. The dragon leads you away from problems, any troubles. Only from the seat of a Valkyrie are you able t o watch them dissolve in the rear view mirror. There is no better therapy you can get than seeing the road before you, feeling the wind against you, your heart pounding inside you, keeping up with the rotations per minute. I can go on like this for hours describing the world from the dragon’s back, but until you actually experience the rumbling beneath you, the wind hugging you, and the freedom of the sky moving above you, will you ever understand the power behind my words. Spend a minute, a second on the seat of a roaring Valkyrie and you will be submitted to the strongest addiction, the strongest desire to be no other place but the road. An infatuation, a compulsion you have no choice but to abide to. All you’ll ever want, is to pause the world…from the seat of a Valkyrie.

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