The Sea Urchin

December 11, 2009
By Siraidly SILVER, Highland Park, Illinois
Siraidly SILVER, Highland Park, Illinois
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I guess I'm a huge d***.
i must be, for i hear it often
what a dunce
beseeching constant approval
from the jesters
and kings
equal in absence of

their titles
paralleled only by
the furthest most fingers of
this fractal-ed reality
in randomness

girls b****
that i'm a jerk
but what time have they paid
to know me?

sad in my cellar
of solitude
i exclaim
i am the middle of three boys!
reaching out to lift the vale
of the sweet girl
I never catch,
Slipping through
The treads of my fingers
Like white sand
I sing in the saddest tune I know
where and when will I find my love
why must I toil through so many trials
ended by my perceived
I do not know
So wiping a single tear from my tendered cheek
I look up, harder than before
Further receded beneath my many protective layers
Waiting I suppose, in the sickness of self-pity
For a gentle maiden, of an unknown dimension
To peel back my shells
And simply smile when she sees whats inside me

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