December 7, 2009
By simplyme_3 BRONZE, Madeira, Ohio
simplyme_3 BRONZE, Madeira, Ohio
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Love me, never leave me
I need you, don’t you need me?
You chose this, you chose to go
Stripped of everything you ever loved
I have no choice but to leave you behind
Your in my dreams
A distant memory
Your touch? Your smile?
I haven’t seen or felt those in awhile
I miss you, Don’t you miss me?
We belong together, it’s our destiny
I’m lost without you, cant breathe without you
I duno how to be without you
I lay in bed at night
Then these silent, lonely tears come streaming from my eyes
Just close them
This isn’t happening
You’re here
Its summer time
Late park nights at the cliffs
Drunken I love you’s and parties that never end
Doing 110 on the highway
Red light means keep going don’t stop, as long as theres not a cop
From romantic drive-inns to drunken bar fights
When 2 A.M. hits, Kentucky’s where we reside
The everclear always by our side
I feel my hollow heart beat quicken and I open my eyes and realize
I almost despise you
You made me fall hard for you. I Love You. Then your gone
You’re my adventureland and I know I cant move on

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