Torturous Fear

December 7, 2009
By haireemoon SILVER, Vancouver, Other
haireemoon SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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Panting, I grope helplessly midst a void of darkness
Shouting, “Help! Where is the exit?”
My heart pounds uncontrollably
Engulfed by an adrenaline rush
And my body attempts once more
To evade from this fearful grip

Crawling with trembling hands, my nails break a piece by piece
As my conscience gives away to delirium and insanity
“ I can’t breathe! Ah! I can’t breathe! Someone help me!”
I yelp once more as my body grows weak
Seared with a flaring flame on my chest

Overwhelmed by this monster, I search
But I stumble and fall
I scream in terror
As I try to stop my heart from pounding evermore vigorously
And I cry and cry
“Where is the exit?”

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