broken butterflies.

December 6, 2009
hold my bones together, prevent me from falling apart.

baby, will you hold me together and mend my broken heart?

the taste of your lips are always pleasant, please let this last.

it’s within the walls, it’s within his eyes, our only excuse
is making up lies. to live or to love, reality sets in on this night.

and all my broken butterflies sit so high up on my shelf.
only things is, i tore their wings off when i was twelve.

so what’s left for us to do now? hide behind our broken
hearts and laugh about the times when we stupidly fell
apart. yet, we all know that those nights are coming back.

[hold my bones together, baby; prevent me from falling apart.]

i know you're out there somewhere, yes: i'm talking to you.

solutions, anwsers, anwsered prayers. i know you're out there

perfection, you're gonna appear someday. and we'll fall in love.

the city lights look so damn pretty tonight; when shining blue on
your hazel eyes. so lets dance within our good-byes - and i’ll

promise you one last time that this kiss won’t be our last.

your hands are cold, lets go home and let the ashes burn
holes throughout our faces and then i’ll only be seeing half
of what i thought.

and all my broken butterflies from my past sit so far back on my shelf.

[sanity, mind, soul.] only thing is, i tore their wings off, so they would never fly again.

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