You're My Favourite Song

December 6, 2009
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The trickle of the rain hitting my bedroom roof gives me hope that you will return for me.
Though it’s become quiet clear you’ve ventured to places far more beautiful places than
what is offered here, I hope you will come home.
I know there are taller buildings standing greater than anyone composed in this place
And now you’ve experienced such enlightenment -
You’re not the same person I once loved.
I can’t follow your lead anymore.
You’re dancing to tunes a lot better structured
And written with more graceful harmonies than any song I could sputter.
Those melodies get trapped in your head still, don’t they?
Please tell me, you haven’t forgotten the songs we both knew so well.
You haven’t blocked me out for some new chorus, have you?
Surely you’ve grown since you left me; you don’t even look the same anymore.
I have the feeling we wouldn’t recognize one another
And it hasn’t even been long enough for me to forget the way your voice sounds.
Do you think we will still sound the same when you return?
Will our voices still weave into the perfect melodies they once did?
I can still roll each precious lyric off the tip of my tongue…
Do you remember how that song went?
The one that swept me off my feet and seeped into my mind;
I couldn’t chase it out – until now.
I have the sense your trying to free your thoughts of this sound
But fate is desperately attempting to win you over.
If you can remember back to the days we danced behind barriers,
You’ll remember it’s not so bad.
Our grass is just as green and our sun burns just as bright.
The view will never compare to all the other’s you once starred at through your deep brown eyes,
But imagination can create and unpredictable scene.
Each morning still rises with the touch of your smile
And I can still feel your powerful gaze send me shivers down my spine.
The music still plays constantly –
Growing louder and louder as each day goes by.
Nothing has drastically changed, only you –
But you’ve just altered slightly.
Altered to the gravitational pull of reality and left me here –
Trapped in dreams.
You will be back though, this blissful image is one can’t forget.
Each leaf that falls, each wind that blows, every season that changes
Just brings you closer to me.
Follow the signs – listen to the voices of the wind,
Replenish yourself with the essence of the sun
And follow the pathway of the rain,
It’s always been waiting to break free,
Patiently waiting for you to regain your senses.
As long as there is warmth and coldness there will be rain.
That tiny constant reminder that we all let loose sometimes,
We fall and get picked up.
But we are always the same after the rain, nothing really changes.
Everyone awaits the rain to go away,
But they are certain it will return and everything will go back to the way it was.
Maybe it comes back a little softer or harder and cooler
But it still falls down to Earth all the same -
Still unleashes its sanity, drenching everyone.
Rain is always around to remind us of the unpredictable constant change we experience daily,
But we still have faith in stability.
You can never forget the feeling of being completely level,
Both feet in exactly the right place.
The music returns to its proper place in your conveyer belt mind
And is now able to play loud and clear.
Don’t ever forget the rhythm of this song,
Promise you’ll never lose the hymn that has now tied itself to the tap of rain.
That tap –
It’s the only thing that leads me to believe you will surely break through those doors one day.
Come back for me and let your feet fall into those familiar steps.
Dance the way you taught me, to one of our favourite tunes.
Your mind will never forget that time or place
Or the way the rain beaded off our skin.
It’s impossible; I know that for sure.
And only because I’ve attempted to escape from that memory, thousands of times.
It will never go away; and I’ve learned to accept it and enjoy the view while it lasts.
Maybe one day we can pick up where we left off,
I haven’t dropped a single lyric or forgotten a step.

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...Hopeless... said...
May 17, 2010 at 10:57 am
God this is long...but amazing nonetheless!!  I really enjoyed this, keep up the awesome work!
dazedandconfused replied...
Aug. 8, 2010 at 11:18 am
thanks a lot! I'm honestly surprized anyone actually read it, I haven't checked since it was posted
ZAchO replied...
Aug. 8, 2010 at 12:24 pm
I think its better the 3rd time through :P
dazedandconfused replied...
Aug. 8, 2010 at 12:59 pm
geeesh! you must be done with it nowwww :P
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