Friday the 13th

December 6, 2009
By AliceInRoses SILVER, Perryville, Maryland
AliceInRoses SILVER, Perryville, Maryland
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It’s the day you dread,

Because of me.

If only you knew,

There’s nothing to fear.

If only you could see,

That I wouldn’t want this of you.

You use to feel only love and joy,

Now you feel only hate and revenge.

You become consumed

As the day nears.

You plan out every detail,

While I watch from the shadows.

You’ve changed so much,

You haven’t even realized I’m gone yet.

Please don’t do this,

Not again,

They don’t deserve this from you.

If only you could see,

Through your blinding hate,

That there’s nothing to fear.

If only you knew,

That it’s all inside your head,

That this pain and hate you’re feeling isn’t real.

Then maybe you wouldn’t

Do this anymore.

Then maybe you would be

The person you always were inside.

Then I might not have to do this.

Until then, Happy Friday the 13th,

I’ll see you soon.

The author's comments:
This is kind o based on the movie Friday the 13th and how the son, Jason, would have felt about his mom murdering for him. Also about his mom going crazy and not seeing the truth.

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