Dear Boy...

December 5, 2009
By AmandaH SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
AmandaH SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Dear Beloved Boy,
You don't know me and you probably never will. At least, not like I know you. No, you're too blind.
But I know you VERY well. I know your smile. I know your laugh. I know the spark in your eyes when you know you've won something. I could pick out your voice in a room full of people.
Yes, even politicians.
I know the exact motion you make with your hands when you get excited and start talking faster. I can probably even make an accurate prediction as to what you'll wear Monday to school.
Always need to look your best to be the biggest flirt in school, don't you?
You'll never know ME like that though. You won't know my smile, my voice, teh way I can get worked up over the tiniest details of Maximum Ride.
You don't even know what Maximum Ride is, do you?
I saw you today. Your best friend and I walked to your house together to play in the snow. You thought it was so funny, how happy I was to see (and throw, and play in) my very first REAL snow.
Your brother teased me about you. He was JUST teasing, of course. He didn't know. None of you would have known. Not you or your brother, not your best friend, not even your best friend's dad. I bet none of you realized that my cheeks weren't JUST red with cold, and that my eyes weren't tearing up ONLY from the snow in my eyelashes.
No, hon, you'll never know me like that. I just ain't that lucky.
Some girls would want to compare themself and their secret love to Romeo and Juliette. Uh, HELLO?! Romeo and Juliette DIED! No, you an I would be Max and Fang after book 5, or Zoey and Stark, maybe Rex and Melissa, Sam and Astrid, or maybe even Meggie and Doria (I was never a big fan of Farid.)
But you wouldn't understand what any of those are, would you?
Let's just go with Westley and Buttercup,okay? Easy enough for you sweetie?
So go ahead and break my heart. Just do me one little favor. Someday, look back and think of me. Think, "Holy crap. SHe was perfect for me and I never realized it. Boy was I stupid."
Because you will. But don't worry. You aren't stupid.
Just an oblivous, heart breaking, flirtatios, son of a gon best friend.
Love you,
Anonymous Girl

The author's comments:
This is a SLIGHTLY sarcastic letter to the guy I'm in love with. He'll probably never get it. I'm not that brave.
Maybe if I was he'd be a little more clued in.

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