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December 5, 2009
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Smiling faces, in a crowded hall,
a normal day, was that all?
no one knew the danger that soon begun,
a troubled boy with his fathers gun.
Kids ran and screamed,
some with fear others with pain,
no one knew this horrid game.
What was happening, would this end?
I heard more shouts whistling in the soft wind.
I ran and ran to the door,
but felt a pain and fell to the floor.
I looked down, blood on my chest.
Today was the day I would fall to rest.
Now I am sitting with God by my side,
he said the boy was caught and he was sorry I had died.
So, Im writing this now, with God's special pen.
A young girl, 16 years old, who's life had to end.
So Daddy, don't be scared,
Tell Momma not to cry,
I am with God now and everything is alright.
Sister, I'm sorry, I was never really there.
Oh and last brother,
I heard from God today,
the boy who killed me was high, and just wanted to have his way.
So please and take what happened to me to show you that drugs are wrong, please stop this habit, before it becomes to strong.
I'm going to go now,
I love you all and I'm sorry that I'm gone.

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