Last Symphony

December 5, 2009
As if it wasn't so; it kept playing in my head.
Bending over backwards, I couldn’t believe the lie.
As if it wasn't so, my heart hung heavier than lead.
Bending over backwards, I tried to save the tie.

I wanted to, longed to; believe you.
My love was true, my love was pure.
You only saw her in me, I only wished I knew.
My love was true; I just wish there was a cure.

I'll hang my head in shame; I was such a fool.
You ripped out my heart, then stretched in front of my face.
I'll hang my head in shame; I knew you were just a tool.
You ripped out my heart, and it comes with a diamond studded case.

This poem is for you, I hope you hold it near.
I have seen through it all; just a little late.
This poem is for my love, my world; you, my dear.
I have seen through it all; this marks the date.

I'll empty my heart once more,
My eyes no longer bleed.
My silver thread tore,
Torture completed like some sick deed.

Hold your head up high, I was not the only one.
You scream; Cannot bear the agony.
Without you, the sorrow is done.
Listen close, this is my symphony.

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