This is Me

December 5, 2009
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I am rain,
The sweet and fresh smell in the air after a fall morning is what I am.
This is the smell that stays with me,
As I walk through my days of gray.
This is who I am

I am the grass and sky,
My eyes show me the colors of the world around me.
The colors of nature stay in my eyes,
For the world to see.
This is who I am.

I am a piano,
Playing its quiet tune in a silenced room.
This tune plays in my head everyday,
It is the voice that fills my throat through song.
This is who I am.

I am winter snow,
My skin is forever cold in the dim sunlight.
My paleness emits the cold in me,
The cold that I feel and am.
This is who I am.

I am an apple,
Hanging from a tree in a lonesome meadow.
I have a fresh and sweet taste,
Yet sometimes bitter to some.
This is who I am.

This is me.

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