Catch Me Because I'm Falling

December 5, 2009
Catch me because i'm falling.

I'm falling baby, and I'm falling fast.

I can't be saved without your help,

and when you're gone, I'll lose myself.

You're my love, my life, my world and I love you.

I just don't know what I'll do when I'm without you.

Our family, our future, it seems so far.

Going through all of this alone will be so hard.

I sit, and I watch my friends throw their lives away,

if I keep them, I'll be that way.

Without you, I'll forget who i am.

I'm so terrified, I can hardly stand it.

You'll be gone, I'll be lost.

You're my guide, without you I'll be f***ed.

Ya' know, five months doesnt seem that long-

Before I know it you'll be gone.: (

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volleyballchick said...
Jun. 3, 2010 at 5:41 pm
really good. i can definetly relate
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