Soulfully in Honesty

December 5, 2009
By Retto GOLD, Long Beach, California
Retto GOLD, Long Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Love me, hate me, but you will remember me." Anthony G.

I rise above what has been lost.
Now over you, but at what cost?

I draw the line at our bitter end.
My shattered eyes turn toward a friend.
A murdered heart can never mend,
and in this message it will send.

A feeling, pure and free of sin.
I contemplate how long it’s been.

I died alone, no longer stale.
To fight for you both tooth and nail.
I wanted you, but then you bailed.
In subtle tone, that ship had sailed.
I realize now, it’s you who failed.

I write alone to dignify.
I died inside to sanctify.
I never tried to purify,
a love that seemed to signify.
Your love for me was just a lie.

His snide remarks and evil games.
I fell right in, I feel so lame.
Never again, or so I claim.
We called it love, it’s not the same.

Tonight I fly, high in the sky.
Memories and pain soar by.
Inside I cry, outside I’m fine.
I recollect, she once was mine.

So far apart, I held her close.
So much regret, nobody knows.

Looking back, the echo fades.
On my guitar, a sad man plays.

Upon the roof of my dad’s garage.
My spirit breaks, my hearts barrage.

She called me once at two in the morning.
I tried to calm her silent sobbing.
The saddest voice, my heart was aching.
I did my best to halt her running.

She needed me, and I was there.
But as for me, she never cared.

The author's comments:
I just realized the magnitude of these things that i wrote. If memory serves, this was an attempt at writing a song, but as always, it turned into a poem. T- T

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