Alone in the Dark

December 5, 2009
By Retto GOLD, Long Beach, California
Retto GOLD, Long Beach, California
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"Love me, hate me, but you will remember me." Anthony G.

Waking up to earths destruction
Not that in the physical, but in beauty
As more dirt meets fate in concrete and cement
So does the flesh of my heart
As this planet dies slowly by the day
So does my happiness
Yet, sit here, I wait
Yet, sit here, I pray
Yet, sit here, I write

The people grow colder
The wind dies down
As my adventurous side reveals itself
Just in the confines of time
My breath quickens
My heart hesitates

I take a long walk in search of life
But all I find is people
No heart
No rhythm
No sound
No song
Only other lonely souls hungry for a word
And hungry to aspire

But success comes at a price
Usually including one’s self respect
Always including one’s compromising of morals
My pen will roll on in search
In search of the soul that escapes the streets
The soul that escapes me

My pen will roll on
In that, if only that, I am sure
In that I will succeed
I’ve lost my self respect
I’ve lost scent of my morals
I’ve lost all but myself in tune
In tune with my music
And with the guitar that I cut with
That I cut the silence with
The guitar that I sing with

Yet, sit here, I think
Yet, sit here, I wish
Yet, sit here, I write
Yet, sit here, I long
Longing for another soul
Another person who is not just alive
But one who is living

One who is singing
One who is laughing
One who is crying and dancing
One who understands
I let out a small chuckle
Am I not alone?

How obscene to wait
How obscene to think
How obscene to write
For another to suffer as I do
Hungry and alone

Yet, sit here, I do nothing
Yet, sit here, I scream
Yet, sit here, I write
Yet, here I sit, alone
Hungry for another
Yet, here I sit, alone
Alone in a world of people
Alone and alive
Alive in a world of the living dead

I look ahead to the horizon
But nothing is there
Nothing, save for the buildings and cars
Buildings that stand blocking
Buildings that stand mocking
Cars that chase me down
Down in a plume of smoke

I’m choking
Choking on my own self imprisonment
Choking on my own self righteousness
Choking on my own air

Yet, sit here, I watch the walls close in
Yet, sit here, I sleep
Yet, sit here, I dream
Yet, sit here, I write
Yet, here I sit, alone
Yet, here I sit, alone in the dark

The author's comments:
Originally titled, "Alone in the Dark", I decided it was dark enough. So I Changed it to "Sitting in a Dream" On Writers-Network. As some might have noticed, I take a great deal of inspiration for my favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. This is my way of justifying my usually dark writings I suppose. However, I love to write, whether good, or just plain awful.:D

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