I never believed my own lie

December 5, 2009
I never would’ve guessed,
And no one else ever knew
That it would be quite so easy
To tell a lie to you

You believed it so quickly
I had to stop and wait
I looked back and you were still there
It didn’t take too long for you to contemplate

I wrote a couple written words
And you believed what I wanted you to
Now I look at it and curse myself
I wish it I could redo

Now you tell me how it’s so hard
To be without her for a few days
I resist the urge to roll my eyes
I’m without you in so many more ways

You tell me how it’s just so hard
Not to have her so
It’s the intense irony of the statement that gets me
Because I know, I know, I know

You say you miss her in the week
And flirt with other girls to distract
I think how I’ve loved you over a year
And how my loyalty has never once cracked

Every feeling you have for her
Is so dull compared to mine
It’s not love, it’s a crush
But mine won’t fade with time

You’re a guy, I guess you don’t cry
But I sob myself to sleep
You’re supposed to be manly and tough
But I’m allowed to weep

Every thought I’ve ever had of you
Runs through my mind
Over and over, again and again
Automatic, uncalled for rewind

I laugh at you because of what you say
You think you know but you don’t
Everyone says, “Say how you feel”
But everyone’s knows I won’t

I get so angry
At him, at his love for her in a way
I think I should hate him
And I try it for a day

But then he says ‘thank you’
For listening to me
Giving advice, and never mocking
I love your sweet Naiveté

You’ve really helped me get through this
When you thought about what I shared
I’ll remember that you’ve been a friend
When I thought no one else cared

Those words made me shake inside
My heart collapsed and I started to cry
Who was I kidding?
I’m the one person who had never believed the lie

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