Uncle John

December 4, 2009
You lived ur life
i barely knew you
you sit there in ur chair
and just watched tv
thats all i knew

i now know you had a fake leg
wow never would have known
miss you so much
wishing i got to know

know what u ask
well i guess
that i wish i knew more bout you
like did you serve in any wars
what kind of jobs did you have
i guess i would
have wanted to just
be close

be close wit wat you ask
well i guess that would be
just being close to you
you hardly talked to us kids
so thats why i hardly knew you

i really wish i could have

could have what well
i wish i could have been there
wish i could have called you
i should have called you
i wish i could have

have what again you ask
well i wish i said
wish i said wat you ask
well i wish i said goodbye
i wish i told you that i loved you myself
and i wish that thngs were different
because i know how hard its going to be to
visit with aunt starr,

i wonder
i wonder would it have been different
if i knew you a little more
if i talked to you more
idon't know really
i am not sure if that changes anything

well since
since what i guess its that now im going to
going to what,
well im going to say goodbye
im gonna pray to you and say goodbye,
im going to tell you that i love you,
and that i miss you
and that i wish you were here,
yea thats wat im going to do.

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