"Its over"

December 4, 2009
I stop to take a breath,but my love you steal it directly from my dying soul.Vanished. That exhale of shallow air was my last,i hope you found pleasure in my torture,dear death....Fall inside your sea of fire, feel the flames of my anger and your lust..My sweet gothic angel,take me....Fade me in those beautiful eyes of torment,hidden by a dazzling brown, missing...your seductive touch,but you? ha,you told me "Its over...." you dont desire the pleasure of my love anymore,though you whispered in secret devotion that i was eternally yours, but youd rather have the sick pleasure of causing my death,youd rather wish to kill me dont you?...The bleeding wound thats known as my "heart" is breaking,falling to the cold snow as you smile and breathe a laugh, my death is yours, youve completed my sorrow....yet still im going to keep loving you....and i dont know why...."I love you,and ill never leave you...."

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