An Unrequited Lovestory

December 4, 2009
I tried hard,
As hard as my mind could take,
To try to forget you,
And to forget the pain.
But every time I seem to stop thinking about you,
You appear in front of me,
Like some angry spirit that just won’t go away.
You taunt me, unconsciously.
I frown.
Unintentionally, you ignore me,
Not knowing what pain you put me through
every time you walk by me.
The piercing agony pounds at the hole in my heart mercilessly.
The void in my chest rips open,
Wider, and wider.
And yet…
I yearn for your smile,
Your face.
Just seeing you,
Would make my wretched heart content,
Even if it were to hurt me once again.
It is priceless,
The feeling you give me, just by your existence.

I shouldn’t stop.
I can’t stop.
I won’t stop.

Your presence, to me,
Is like sunlight to an unworthy flower.
I know for sure that the moment I look away from you,
The emptiness in my heart will start to throb.
Even an instant without you seems unbearable;
So I force myself to look for you once again,
And for that split second,
After I set my eyes on you,,,

I am complete.
And then, I look away,
And the gorge in my heart is tore open, all over again.

The scars these gashes leave behind,
Will never fade away.
The only wound time cannot heal,
Is a broken heart.

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