You're Welcome

December 4, 2009
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You’re welcome for making you everything you are
A shining star
I built you from the dust and dirt
Added some glitter, love, and beauty
I carried your troubles on my back for decades
Lifted your burdens so you could weigh less
I raised you from their shadows
Threw you into fame

Now you’re high with my power
Drunk with stolen infamy
Now you pity the drip
Heighten your nose with dignity
You steal glances every chance you get
Using me as your stepladder
I’ll hoist you on my shoulders
Elevate you higher than the top

But you’re still a bore and a liar
Your ego is the size of the world
But it’s filled with false glory
Remember your ranking
You’re ready for a fall
You’re standing on my steps
What will happen when they crumble away?
Where is your fortune?
You have no more friends
And I want you to know
I feel nothing but pleasure
With your disastrous fate

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