An Outsider

December 4, 2009
Frustrated, Insecure
Upset, Lost, Unseen

I sit here upset
Not know what to do
Like a bird flying not knowing where to go
Like a child sitting by herself
Not understanding
Not realizing

My heart is broken
Shot like it was some target
Like someone was waiting To hurt me

I leave this World to fly to my own
To ponder my problems
To understand why I seem alone

Yet i know i'm not
I know there's a place where i belong
Where I feel like I have a point

I walk to a crossroads
Where can I go?
Both ways lead to destruction
No one's ever happy

A park appears where I can relax
Unwind and let loose
Because It's where I know
I know that I'm not an outsider

Back where I began
I realized happiness is crap
Never expect it and Someone's always hurt

It'd be nice if I got a notice
A head's up
Or some sign that I was important to you
But an outsider I am
Because I don't belong

I don't belong in your world

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