December 4, 2009
By Jennifer Librizzi SILVER, Park City, Utah
Jennifer Librizzi SILVER, Park City, Utah
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What a happy fat turkey!
Prancing around like life couldn’t
Get any better. Well just to inform you
Mr. Turkey, You are about to become
My Thanksgiving dinner! So I’ll just casually
Prance up to you and ask you to come and have
Some tea at my place. You just cant resist my offer
When I mention that there will be cookies. So you say
Yes. As we walk back to my house, A wicked smile creeps across
My face. The front door shuts. The turkey looks at me with wide, confused
Eyes. I can read the expression on his face. I nod and corner him. Heh heh
Heh. KABOOM!!! Well i’ve done my share of preparing Thanksgiving. Woo Hoo!

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