December 4, 2009
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I’m broken down inside
There’s nothing left to me but a broken heart
I gave you everything to you then you tore me apart
It’s as if I truly was nothing to you
I let you into my soul
I gave you my heart
And in return you begin to rend me
It’s as if I truly was nothing to you
But you were everything to me
You promised me that you would ever leave me alone
And then you went and took it back
You’ll never know how deep that wound was
I’ll never be able to love again
I hope you’re F***ing Happy
Thanks to you now all I feel is pain and despair
Please won’t you just kill me already!
I’m so sick of trying to ensconce all my hurt
Please just take away all my pain and heartache
I would have went to hell and back to F***ing Please you
This is what I get in RETURN?
And nothing I ever did was good enough for you
Thanks to your innuendoes
I’m broken down inside

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