turn to stone

December 4, 2009
i always thought
there would be more
there isnt.
there is only you and me.
you are my black-winged angel
int he place where we once were
there falls a shadow
blocking out the stars.
the clouds rush in so the rain can come
your arms are around me
your wings open
you shelter me
i am safe.
i remember the day
that the heavens opened
you became my fallen angel.
claiming darkness grew inside you
you ran from me.
but you came back
now we soar in the empty sky.
we will reign forever
in the lands
from which we came.
until humanity
dies out.
until all the world
turns to stone...
we will be together.

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perceptive_soul said...
Jan. 10, 2010 at 8:36 pm
shelby!!!! you rock!!! omg i love you, dear if u ever stop writing i will...idk die!
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