December 4, 2009
By hiimemily99999 BRONZE, Momence, Illinois
hiimemily99999 BRONZE, Momence, Illinois
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My whole life i have lived in the shadows
Hoping for the light my whole body craved
Because you see my own faults and failures
Is why I'm not so well behaved

On the out side I may seem free spirited
Outgoing and so relaxed
But on the inside I'm waiting for my mind to explode
I'm slowly sinking through the cracks

Not being able to be myself
In fear of what people might think
And just when i open up and feel like I'm closer
to who i want to be
Once again i start to sink

You see these cracks are becoming larger
This tells me what i must do
Let everyone know the real me
Let out what most people never knew

This is what separated the fake friends from the true
My true friends will be there for me no matter who i am
And they better know for damn sure
That i will ALWAYS be there for them too.

The author's comments:
Writing poetry is something that makes me feel like i can just always let go of my problems. It's like all my problems fade away onto paper. If something happened one day and I need to let it out, i do just that and turn it into poetry.

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