November 23, 2009
She sits alone on a bench
Despite the wind chilled air she feels no cold
Instead the iciness numbs her inside, comforting her
She's left alone to search for love in the stars
With her broken wings she stretches up to kiss the moon
She struggles and fights, wanting to fly again
Feeling so close, but just falling short
She cries out in pain in the midst of this desolate moment
She falls to the ground in pure agony
There’s nothing left for her
But this can’t possibly be the end
So she runs..
Longing to be accepted
Only needing to be happy
Seeing a lonely future that can’t be her own
Terrified and unnerved
She runs
The wind once numbing and kind is now ominous and unrelenting
Slowing her desperate escape
The moon and the stars, once beautiful and loving, are now intruding
Gradually they disappear
Covered by a sheen of tears
She falls to her knees, gasping for air
She prays to Him for undeserved mercy
Her wretched soul starved for the Father’s love
And He leans down to comfort her
He wraps His arms around her as she cries
Gently mending her fragile, porcelain heart
Shattered once again
He whispers “My child, these times of tribulation will pass. Keep your faith in Me and I will fill you.”
“My omniscient Creator, the Alpha and Omega, the King of kings and my eternal Father, I will follow You forever and exalt You in all the days of my life. I‘m sorry.”
And as soon as the words leave my mouth
Forgiveness fills me
Only He could save my soul
Unending patience for my mistakes
Never will I be alone
Distant and trivial are my troubles
For no matter what I do, He is near

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