Come…. Take my hand

November 23, 2009
By Gwenly BRONZE, New York, New York
Gwenly BRONZE, New York, New York
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every second is another chance to change your life around.

Come, take me hand, and walk with me
Be my love forever
Love me for who I am and all my secrets you will know
Come, take my hand
Walk along a path in which the sun leaves
Its foot prints across the sky

Love me,

Let me grow with you in your shadow
And I will learn how to love again
And how my life is now with you
Speak my name with beauty’s radiance
Because you know that I’m lovable with your reach

Come, walk with me
Hold me close throughout the darkened nights
Let us lie close within each others arms
For beyond this life
The essence of our love is imprinted in the circle of life
Write my name with the stars
For I’ll know that you’ll love me forever

Beyond the years of our life
Our souls will still sparkle
Burn with a hunger of fire
Which will be our love
Our love will create another world
Within another galaxy
Which will bring to life a nebula to be proof of our once existence
Let me write these truths into my constant rhythm of poetry
In which we’ll live only on our passion

Come, take my hand
Be my everything
Live to love life and all that is
For I will grow wings of love and hope for us
To grow and fold with age
Within us lives a love
That is only true to the truest truths of life
Which many are blinded to
For with you silence is perfect,
Death is peaceful
Philosophy gives us the meanings of life
Goodness always wins
And beyond our time
Love will always keep us alive

The author's comments:
This is a poem that any one could relate to, espically if your inlove and you dont know what to exactly say to that other person.

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