Wanna Dream My Little Dream

November 23, 2009
By (*!KissinintheRain!*) SILVER, Tennesse Colony, Texas
(*!KissinintheRain!*) SILVER, Tennesse Colony, Texas
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It's a cold winter day,
I'm standing outside on the porch in my pajamas,
the cold fresh air bites at my lungs as I inhale,
the quick bursts of air make me shiver,
suddenly their is a warm hand on my arm,
I know who it is,
I'd recognize your touch anywhere,
I've been waiting for this for two months,
from behind you pull me close wraping your arms around me and my shivers now come from a different source,
two months I've patiently waited in agony for this moment,
I've held back tears and subsided sorrow knowing that this would come one day,
as i turn around to finally look at your face,
to let everything out and finally feel complete again,
a window slams shut,
I wake up,
and fresh tears for you start to swell again.

The author's comments:
True Story.

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